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Managing a Global Team: Resolving Cross-Cultural Issues

About this webinar

More and more organizations are taking advantage of the benefits a globally-distributed workforce can provide. Although dispersed teams promise substantial growth opportunities and a reduction in overhead costs, managing them can be problematic. The secret to success is in understanding the differences you’re likely to encounter when managing teams across borders, cultures, and time zones.

In this session, using real-life examples, you’ll learn how to address global cultural differences in the way people deal with conflict, relate to authority, ask and answer questions, express respect, and practice equality in the workplace. You’ll hear useful advice—gathered from our own experience managing a global team that spans North America, Asia, and Europe. You’ll leave knowing what you need to do to succeed.

Our webinar is uploaded on Bright Talk's platform. Click here to watch the webinar.

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Saiff Solutions Inc.
Published September 07, 2017
6 years ago