Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is more than merely rewriting technical terms into words everyone can understand. Technical writers require an understanding of both the technology and the learning needs of the audience. The technical writer starts by asking, what information does the user need to be successful?

Saiff Solutions can develop excellent documentation for any kind of product. We are experienced in topic-based authoring. Our technical writers do not have a legacy of book-based writing to overcome. We can help you with conversions from legacy content to DITA, DocBook, and other topic-based structures.

Software Documentation

One of the integral parts of software development is technical documentation. Saiff Solutions has extensive expertise in software documentation. We help developers and end users understand the system, functionality, and features by developing documentation suited to their needs.

Equipment Documentation

Equipment Documentation

Clear documentation improves the user's experience with complex machinery. Not only does it improve your customer satisfaction, but it also reduces support costs. From vehicles to printers, excellent documentation is the answer. Saiff Solutions develops well-written manuals or user guides that provide clear instructions on how to use your equipment.

API Documentation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) run a great deal of the systems that we all rely on in our daily lives. API documentation requires a technical facility with a software code as well as excellent writing skills. Saiff Solutions works with international API experts to deliver excellent documentation that will make your APIs accessible to your customers.


Business Process

Businesses work better with clearly documented processes. Companies that care about the success of their customers and employees provide effective business process documentation. In large businesses, customer service and support personnel need special documentation to effectively interact with customers in real time. Saiff Solutions can help improve both your internal operations and customer satisfaction with excellent business process documentation.