Xportia Overseas Announces Partnership with Saiff Solutions, Inc.

[Manila, Philippines | Pune, India] September 18, 2019 – Xportia Overseas and Saiff Solutions, Inc. are pleased to announce a global strategic partnership, combining Xportia Overseas’ leading content and business process consulting services with Saiff Solutions’ world-class technical writing, multimedia, and outsourcing services. The partnership promises to provide a superior client experience to our customers within the Information Technology (IT), Interactive Media & Services, Telecommunications, Automotive, Health Care, and Technology industries.

This partnership brings together deep industry expertise in content development, business process management, interactive media development and deployment, and organizational change management to help support clients through successful transformations. The two companies are committed to working in close partnership to provide the best services to their clients located worldwide. This partnership will also allow them to expand their business operations in different industries in India and abroad. Saiff Solutions’ understanding of complex, cutting-edge business solutions, its deep industry experience, and its collaborative approach match the business practices of Xportia Overseas.

“I am pleased to announce our partnership with Saiff Solutions, Inc., Philippines. It’s our mission to provide cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality technical content and business process management solutions to our clients and scale up their business growth. By virtually connecting Saiff Solutions’ more than 30 professionals with Xportia Overseas’ deep expertise in different industry sectors, the collaboration addresses the needs of the market,” said Ajay Farate, Founder and Director of Xportia Overseas.

“As the client base of Saiff Solutions continues to expand geographically, we are thrilled to partner with Xportia Overseas to better serve clients with operations in India and around the globe. Xportia Overseas has a deep understanding of technical writing, multimedia, and business process outsourcing services, and the role these crucial services play in a variety of industries. Both Saiff Solutions and Xportia Overseas are committed to outstanding quality and excellent customer service. We look forward to helping many more companies improve their customers’ experiences and their bottom lines,” said Barry Saiff, Founder and CEO of Saiff Solutions, Inc.

About Saiff Solutions, Inc.

Saiff Solutions is a global technical writing outsourcing and multimedia services company based in the Philippines, led by Founder and CEO Mr. Barry Saiff, a technical communications leader with over 35 years of international experience. Saiff Solutions provides the best documentation solutions, including software documentation, equipment documentation, API documentation, and business processes documentation for any industry. Saiff Solutions also provides excellent technical illustrations, animations, and videos to their clients.

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About Xportia Overseas

Xportia Overseas is an independent IT services consulting company with core competence in the areas of technical documentation, business process consulting, and project management. Xportia Overseas offers cost-effective exceptional content and business process management services that add value to any organization. 

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Saiff Solutions Inc.
Published September 26, 2019
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